The foundation of Saint John of God in Malawi
The Brothers of Saint John of God Ireland arrived in Mzuzu in October 1993 in response to an invitation from the Diocese of Mzuzu to establish a Community Based Mental Health Service as part of the Churches response to the unmet Health Care needs of the people of the Northern Region of Malawi with a population of 1,500,000.

The initial Service Development was in conjunction with the Primary Health Care (PHC) Department of St. John’s Mission Hospital, a constituent of the Diocese of Mzuzu. From this small beginning has grown the present day Saint John of God Community Services with its multifaceted approach to the development of people in the context of the challenges they face in sustaining life at each stage of their life span.

Mission Statement

To evangelise through Hospitality in the style and manner of our founder Saint John of God by providing high quality health, education, training, and social services in accordance with needs of people being served. ’


To be a Hospitality driven centre of excellence in the development and delivery of services in the areas of mental health, intellectual disability and special need in Malawi.

Our Philosophy

People are the creation of God, with intrinsic value and inherent dignity. The guiding principles of the Order’s Services are;

  •  The focus of work is the person who is served
  • The rights of the person who is sick, aged or disabled must be upheld and defended
  • Each person has the right to be involved in his/her own care and /or treatment, and must be kept informed of matters concerning them at all times.
  • The Order’s respects the freedom of conscience of every person and acts without racial, social, financial, or religious discrimination
  • The order seeks to form partnerships with others in promoting the best quality of life for those whom it serves.

Service Objective

Contribute to “heath for all” (Alma Ata Declaration, 1978) through provision of community based mental health promotion and care.
We endeavour in partnership with Government, the community and families to provide services which are; affordable, accessible, Flexible and Sustainable.
We are dedicated to those that we serve, to their families and to each other.

We strive to maintain the values inherent in the spirit of Saint John of God:

  • Hospitality
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Justice and
  • Excellence