Saint John of God Hospitaller Services

Saint John of God House of Hospitality

House of Hospitality is a short-stay residential care unit for clients with acute symptoms of mental illness. Clients are referred through Saint John of God Centre and discharged back through the same centre.The unit is recognised by the Ministry of Health and Population as a psychiatric referral unit for the northern region of Malawi with a population of over 1.5 million people.

  House of Hospitality
  House of Hospitality

Reffering agencies to the Saint John of God Community includes;

  Government Hospitals through Mental Health Co-ordinators
  CHAM units
  Traditional Healers
  Private Health Institutions
  and others

The following are services provided with highest professional standards and the values inherent in the life of Saint John of God;

  Treatment and management of psychiatric problems
  Social support and community intergration
  Education on nature of illness and medication process
  Clinical and nursing care on 24 hour basis
  Pastoral Care and
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