Saint John of God Hospitaller Services


The Centre for Living is a day facility that offers rehabilitation services to a variety of Clients within St John of God Community Services. The Vision of the Centre is to be a Centre of excellence in provision of rehabilitation services which empowers clients toward meaningful participation in their respective communities. The Centre through the rehabilitation process identifies, emphasizes and maximizes clients’ strengths, to reduce the consequences of illness or disability and encourage the development of new skills with ultimate aim of facilitating clients to lead satisfying lives in the community.
Services include;

  1. Self-care & personal affairs
  2. Social skills for interaction and cooperation
  3. Self-advocacy for a variety of life situations
  4. Vocational exploration
  5. Mental and physical health/fitness
  6. Spiritual accompaniment
  7. Self-awareness & coping skills
  8. Infection prevention and safety
  9. Educational-based activities and self-directed learning
  10. Individual and group recreation
  11. Community re-integration
  12. Family members’ involvement
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