A Joyful Celebration of 60 Years: Honoring Brother Ronan and Brother Finnian’s Legacy

On 12th May 2023, a heartwarming celebration unfolded as St John of God brothers for St Augustine, St Richard Pampuri, and the Western European Provinces joined forces with devoted co-workers. Together they gathered to listen, share and commemorate the remarkable 60 year anniversary of Brother Ronan and Brother Finnian.

The festivities commenced at 9:00 am, with a morning filled with soul-touching stories. The Brothers and some colleagues from St John of God had the privilege to listen and appreciate the profound personal life experiences which were shared by these inspiring figures.

Among the presentations, Dr Charles Masulani, the Chief Executive Officer of St John of God Services Malawi, eloquently delved into and shared the history of St John of God in Malawi. Mr Christopher Mhone the Programs Manager of St John of God Services in Mzuzu, shed light on the invaluable role played by the Brothers in the Hospitaller Services. Furthermore, Fr Austin Ndowera, the Director of Social Services for the Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu, shared a captivating presentation on the future of the Brothers within the local church.

The second part of the celebrations began with a beautiful moment of prayer, where the Brothers, staff from St John of God, and the invited dignitaries came together. Under the guidance of Fr. Robert Moore of the order of St John of God, the congregation immersed themselves in the joyous celebration of the Eucharist.

Following the uplifting Holy mass, the festivities continued with a shared meal at Katoto Community House. Bishop John Ryan of Mzuzu Diocese, along with everyone present sat together and cherished the bonds formed and the lasting impact of the legacy of Brother Ronan and Finnian. This momentous occasion served as a joyful testament to the profound impact that Brother Ronan and Brother Finnian have had on the lives of many. Their dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to the mission of St John of God continues to inspire and uplift all of us.


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